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You do not feel strange or alienated amongst them – or lonely even if it is expected, they have compassionate faces, and the good is in their hands, and whoever sees them feels he will be healed ... We dedicate our sincere thanks and appreciation to them

Mohammed Hatamleh
President of Jordanian Nurses Association, jordan


The hospital's library was established to serve our medical staff as a source for the latest updates in evidence based practices.

In addition the library has many subscriptions to international medical journals such as:

  • The new England journal of medicine.
  • Official journal of the American academy of pediatrics.
  • A monthly journal devoted to the art and science of surgery.
  • Blog an international journal of obstetrics/gyn.
  • European journal of anesthesiology.
  • American journal of roentgen logy.
  • Middle east health.

And many web based medical databases like:

  • Up-to-date.
  • Hinari.


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