Jordan Medical Tourism

Jordan posses a unique medical network in the whole region, click here for more.
2013-10-01, 12:43
I had the honour to visit The Specialty Hospital, where you find sincere human emotions and distinctive experience

Police General / Abdul Latif Ashmiq
Director of medical services, police forces, Sudan


The hospital's library was established to serve our medical staff as a source for the latest updates in evidence based practices.

In addition the library has many subscriptions to international medical journals such as:

  • The new England journal of medicine.
  • Official journal of the American academy of pediatrics.
  • A monthly journal devoted to the art and science of surgery.
  • Blog an international journal of obstetrics/gyn.
  • European journal of anesthesiology.
  • American journal of roentgen logy.
  • Middle east health.

And many web based medical databases like:

  • Up-to-date.
  • Hinari.