The Specialty Hospital sponsors the Annual Graduation of the Elementary Stage at the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Jordan

The Specialty Hospital sponsored the annual graduation ceremony of the elementary stage of medical students at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jordan in the presence of the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Faisal Al-Khatib on Tuesday07/05/2013, the ceremony was attended by the teaching faculty and a large number of medicine students.

Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri general manager of the Specialty Hospital - sponsor of the event - honored the teaching faculty at the faculty of Medicine and thanked them for their continued efforts in building the future generations of distinguished doctors and urged the students to excel in their education to maintain the privileged level that Jordan reached. In addition Dr. Al-Hammouri was honored and a shield was given to the hospital for being the sponsor of the ceremony.

The hospital support to such event is part of the hospital's social responsibility plan. The Specialty Hospital is a well recognized teaching institute, and it is an approved training center by the Jordanian medical council, and Arab medical council for the residency program of many specialties

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